Wednesday, September 12, 2007


After a lot more working on the bus than we originally thought we'd need to do, we finally took our first voyage on Labor Day weekend. We had a few hitches on the way over while trying to devise a method of getting veggie oil into our veggie tank and eventually ended up in a parking lot in Manchester, VT with a three-foot piece of hose attached to the end of a funnel and a cubie (the large plastic container veggie oil often comes in). Jori especially was relieved to have a full tank. After roughly 330 miles of road and 27 gallons of fry oil we made it to Moedown held in Turin, NY.

Moedown is essentially a big party. Everyone gets together for three days and nights of music, dancing, camping, frisbee playing, etc. Among the bands we heard were: Strangefolk, Medeski,Martin, Wood ,and Schofield, Perry Farrel (formerly of Janes Addiction and a rather interesting character), Meat Puppets, Moon Boot Lover, and of course Moe. We had a great time and were happy to return to our bus and get warm each night after the music.

The trip home was pleasantly uneventful and the route offered exactly the sort of scenic drive that we hope to be doing lots of on our trip. We stopped at a few restaurants along the way in attempt to gather some oil and discovered that they all save it for someone already. This confirmed some of our suspicions that the veggie oil thing may have caught on a bit since we started discussing this trip a couple of years ago. We might have to be a bit more creative and spend a bit more time looking for fuel....or maybe we'll just start selling french fries out the side door of the bus!!


Laura said...

Hey guys! I just wanted to be the first to leave a comment here. Also to say that I think the french fry thing is a great idea. Everyone loves french fries. You could do cheesy fries, too. Don't forget to give out ketchup. Have fun! Love, Laura

mel said...

Hi Captains. Glad to hear you have left and are still clean! I look forward to hearing about all your adventures. Be careful and have fun. Oh yeah, I did not hear or see anything about two beds, but I am confident that there are. Love Mel

Stacey said...

Hey you two! I'm glad you were finally able to start your journey! Good luck and be safe, but most importantly have LOADS of fun! Meet lots of intersting people. I expect many interesting stories!

argueads said...

Hi Jori & Betsy,
Sorry we missed your call last night, Bon Voyage!!
Just one question...where are the pics with the curtains???
Have a safe trip and we hope the veggie oil is plentiful. When you get to Niagara Falls - Jori, stay away from the edge! See you in Feb. in Tahoe.
Love & hugs,
Mom, Dad, Kevin & Gabby :)

sarah said...

So, the map is truncated if I look at it in either firefox or IE, but if I download the image into a picture viewer I get the whole thing. It might have something to do with display resolution?

It was great seeing you guys on Friday - swing by "The City" soon!

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