Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Workin' on the Bus

We're still working!! Converting our bus from a rusty, yellow, student-toting, deisel into a blue camper with a bed, emergency hatch that doesn't leak, and veggie oil fuel system has taken a bit longer than we first expected. This was mainly due to the painting process, though not the actual painting itself, which we did in one long day. It was the rust grinding, fiberglassing, bondoing, sticker pealing and scrubbing, sanding, resanding, washing, masking, removing of grills, lights, mud flaps, reflectors, etc. that occupied us for most of July. We've also been working on a bunch of smaller projects like building and intsalling a bed and cabinets, making screens for the windows, rigging the tank up for the veggie oil, and installing door locks.

We just spent a day and a half with a mechanic who helped us complete the veggie oil conversion and he introduced us to everyone at D'Acres, a beautiful organic farm run by a group of people who were kind enough to share their campfire and sleeping accomodations with us for a night. The conversion was on of the last projects we needed to complete before takingoff. We should be headed out on our voyage within the week.

Check out some of the pictures below.

The bus in it's original form:

Working on the bus:

The Bus ready for traveling:


josyb said...

Hi Betsy and Jori,
I've estabished a google acount and I'm ready to follow you on your trip.
Best of luck and love,
Grandma Sybil

Anonymous said...

Hey Betsy and Jori,
Your mom sent a message with your blog site. So glad to see that you are keeping us all posted. Have a safe and wonderful trip. We all wish we were young and adventurous again like you two! Much love,
Aunt P. and Uncle C.

shelley said...

yes!!!!! So freakin cool! You guys rock...great job! I can't wait to read about everything as you go and can't wait to see you when you get here to the best city in the world!!! :) love ya! -Shel

Nathan said...

Nice work on the bus. I love the color you all painted it. Enjoy this vast beautful country we live in. Hopefully you can make it to Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is kind of a lame city but there is beautiful country all around. If you know you can make it here give me a heads up so I can get some time off from my job. Be Well

Desiree said...

oh my goodness! it's great to hear from you guys. i'm still at odyssey, but i'm sure you've heard that everyone from the old north star team is pretty much gone....

the bus is AMAZING--what a lot of work. where are your travels going to bring you? if you're going across country, i have friends in michigan, minnesota, and north dakota i could talk to.

Karen said...

Hi Jori and Betsy,
Bob & I have been following along and envying your travels. We're looking forward to having you here in Fairfield with us, and don't forget to plan some time to spend in Tiburon, too. The ski house is all set..Nancy probably filled you in on that. Try to go over some fairly high mountains before you get here, so we'll know if you can get the bus up to Tahoe! Donner Summit is on the way and has an elevation of 7240 ft. At the very least, you may have to have chains, as they are required if it is snowing and if you don't have four-wheel drive. You can get them here, if the weather looks iffy. Any idea when you will hit CA? See you soon.
Karen & Bob

Dad said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day. Be it sharing the day and a meal with just the two of you or friends from the past or newly found.

I enjoy picturing you parked in the middle of a 1000 square mile field with Texas Longhorns or wild horses milling about and curiously wondering about the BETORI BUS. Or along the coast enjoying a swim and watching dolphins dancing in the water.

Enjoy the day,
Love you,

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