Saturday, October 20, 2007

Niagra Falls: Slowly I Turn

After a spending a week w/ Mikey and Sara we headed off for Niagara Falls. We had a bus full of clean laundry and crossed the border into Canada after reassuring them that we weren't harboring any firewood cleverly stashed away in our little blue bus. It was my first visit to "The Falls" and I have to say, they're pretty impressive. We wandered around the waters edge and surrounding sprawl for much of the day and went into the casino to watch the poker and black jack players. We walked back by the falls in the evening to see the lights and caught the first Red Sox vs. Cleveland playoff game in a local bar before driving the bus into a near by nature park to spend the night. We've been spectacularly lucky when looking for places to camp and haven't had any 3 am wake up calls from the local police telling us to move on. Hopefully this trend will continue as we head south.

From Niagara Falls we stopped by the Butterfly Conservatory before driving west through Ontario and spending a few nights on or near Lake Erie. We took some wonderful walks along the shores and had a driftwood fire on the beach one evening. In Port Dover we met Vince Rossi, owner of Rossi's Place and fellow veggie oil-ite. He was kind enough to share some of his already filtered oil as well as some tea, coffee, pie, and conversation with us. We had a bit of delay coming back over the border as the guards brought the dogs aboard the bus to sniff it out. They were even kind enough to leave an abundance of hair scattered about the bus.

We've spent the last several days visiting with Shelia, Dan, Elizabeth, James, and Joey (of the Argue clan) who live in a quiet neighborhood about an hour from Detroit. One of our main activities here has been eating, though we have ventured out to do some bike riding, exploring, and site seeing at the zoo. We're about to pick up some pizza and settle in to watch the Sox game. Tomorrow we'll say hi to Elliot, back from Notre Dame to visit, and then start heading
towards Chicago. Hope all is well for all of you in the non-vagabond world.

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